Monday, November 19, 2007 !

This is a biiiigggg project that's been in the works, and finally officially launched into the internet-world as of a couple weeks ago!! Here's what it's about:
" is a FREE, family-friendly online world featuring single and multiplayer games, unique challenges, interesting stories and characters, and just a touch of whimsy. MrTiki updates every week, each time further expanding upon the scope of the island and the variety of the content, creating new and exciting ways for everyone to enjoy the adventure."
From the moment you join the site, your actions affect whether you are aligned with MrTiki and the inhabitants of Tiki Island, or with the power-hungry businessman, Mr. Woo, who sees the magical paradise as an opportunity for tourism, money, and control.
Check it out, make your friends check it out, make your mom check it out. And maybe even your friends' moms.
No really.
I'm very proud of this baby. :)

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