Friday, March 06, 2009

Something Different

This is an image I had trapped in my head for awhile.

Sidenote thought for the weekend: Do butterflies poop?


Whitney Pollett said...

How pretty!
What a beautiful combination of media!

Pablo Villaverde DiseƱo said...

Nice concept and colors!

nic said...

thanks guys.
Next post will have to be something not-so-pretty to balance out the girliness here.

Jason Scheier said...

so beautiful!

michael maglio said...

Nice Blog. I think they poop caterpillars. Where else would they come from?

nic said...

thanks Jason!

Michael, Ew, but I think you're right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic. Very nice drawing.
I had an idea to paint something like that a while ago, but my image was gloomy in dark tones, I have only a small sketches, but now looking at your work makes me want to continue :).

nic said...

oh please do!! I'd really love to see! I love your work.
It's funny how there is a (sometimes-not-so-hidden) parallel subconscious out there in general, and to see things that strike us as familiar or similar in concepts to our own. I'm sure this was a combination of things I've seen or heard and overtime unknowingly culminated into this.
But anyway, it was fun as a lil drawing.