Thursday, April 01, 2010

Oliver 3

This was a very special and personalized Christmas present I made this past year.
The Oliver 3 model is a beautiful, rare typewriter from the early 1900's (I believe between 1900 and 1907).
This is the first in a series of "felt paintings" I'm making, but on a very large scale. I'm particularly excited, not only about using fabrics and felt and sewing vs painting, but about experimenting with stylizing large shapes and defining details with simple lines of thread, etc. I hope to build a collection of these pieces by the end of the year. Please wish me luck!


Vince M said...

I like this project, Nic. Love the marriage of the artwork and the rough frame. Very cool. Good luck!

Heather Chavez said...

love it !!!!!

marcus said...

Nicolette! these are amazing! i love them :)

nic said...

Thanks guys :)