Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello, Summer

The weather here in Los Angeles has been perfect. It's June-gloomy grey and misty in the morning and by noon, the sun's melted the haze away. It's beach weather warm and just when it feels too hot, a cool breeze rushes past you. In other words, perfect lazy summer days. Last weekend I went to the zoo and sketched for a few hours, to mostly disappointing results (it's been too long since I've drawn animals! And the people at the zoo make me more nervous than anything. Honestly).
Here are a few from the day.
I forget the name of these guys, but they are so frail looking and elegant. Long flamingo-like necks, and their legs don't seem capable to support their weight without breaking!
There is a creature called a Golden Lion Tamarin, a tiny golden monkey, perhaps 8" tall, with a lion-like mane around his head. Oh god, a compact bundle of adorable. If he ends up missing from the zoo one day, I had nothing to do with it. Just saying.


Jeremy said...

Very cute studies! I like your shapes and designs!

nic said...

Hi Jeremy! thank you. They were good warm-ups for more animal drawing.