Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Rad art book, logo, & brochure

This is a project I helped friend Rad Sechrist on for Comic Con last year. Rad is a storyboard artist at DreamWorks who's worked at a number of animation studios and over the last few years has taught classes for figure drawing and storyboarding. I was excited to help him put together a logo and brochure for his online school as well as an art book in time for Comic-Con. Here are some images via @RadSechrist and some of the process of the logo (click to enlarge most).

A peek at a spread in the art book

Here is the inside of the brochure

image via @radsechrist

Here were some initial concepts for the logo:

And the final logo Rad chose:

I'm working with Rad on redesigning his website, stay tuned!

Check out Rad's work & online school here:

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