Friday, July 17, 2009

Colored Heads

Because it was fun! These are random doodles from meetings and such I decided to color before going to bed. Saw "Dead Alive" for the first time tonight with friends, and though it was hilarious, I needed to ensure my last thoughts before going to sleep are gore-less....but now I just reminded myself of the head in the blender part... dammit. This isn't working out so well.


Cafe Pasadena said...

"Blender", you say? What do you like to blend & drink?

Nic, you appear to have a light (in a good way) and refreshing arty style. Keep pushing it!

Vince M said...

Glad you got your groove back, Nic. That's a helluva lineup, and I love the color choices. Great stuff.

nic said...

thanks guys!

Cafe Pasadena -- I heard a girl in the grocery store this morning say "I'm in the Pasadizzle fo'shizzle." I wanted to punch her, but got distracted by Capn Crunch being on sale for 1.99. So I stocked up.
I think I needed a blended drink right now. :)

nic said...

minus the 'ed'