Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Sketch

Many Sundays ago, in a friend's backyard. The late afternoon lighting and shadows were much prettier than what I could get down quickly.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Wow!, it good to see you're really getting productive on this blog! This must've become a paying job.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Great color! Very successful....more of these please!

R.Dress said...

Wow just perusing your blog up and down. Dig your style.

nic said...

Thanks cafe pasadena and Ry - much appreciated. (Haven't seen you in ages! Hope you're well.)

R.Dress - thanks so much. I don't know that I have a style per se, I'm all over the place, and trying to embrace it I guess. I love to experiment and challenge myself in different ways. I'll force myself to start drawings differently, use materials differently. I think I must have major ADD and can't seem to stick to any one thing. Constantly trying the next idea out and wanting to learn something new.
I checked out your blog and absolutely love your work. Oddly and coincidental enough, I've been working on a set of drawings that look similar to your header (which I adore btw!!).
Lately can't seem to look at anything but Provenson's books, and designers like Olle Eksel, so I guess they're a direct influence of them....will post at some point.
Ok, rambled enough.

christof said...

this is a very nice scenery!. Simple and effective and the colors are just excellent.